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Stick Animations should be BANNED!!

2008-07-29 18:50:20 by Dbdowen

There is nothing worse than submitting a movie with animation that was worked very hard on and with voice samples and sound effects completely Original and then you find some Shitty stick movie on the same top 50 submissions which has a blue Excellent score and all it is ,is a circle and 5 fucking sticks! What the hell is up with newgrounds and stick animations? what the hell is so good about it? you get viewers going.."Aw man top marks for animation! all my RAWRR fucking 5 points" Animation!? i could film myself throwing a Twig around call it a Stick animation and they would all Love it. If this is the case its soo easy to get high score and front page material on newgrounds...just make a stick movie, how about..Final fantasy 7 stick or Superman Stick , shit i bet you guys are all getting excited thinking about it right now!!!


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2008-07-29 18:57:02

Not BANNED, just BLAMMED. If we all pull together, and vote 0 on stick animations
we'll see tons of stick flashes thrown away into the obituaries! Great, huh?

Dbdowen responds:

Sounds good to me >=)