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Tankmen Game Revealed

2008-07-30 21:30:15 by Dbdowen

Okay so i have finally decided to Spill the beans with the Tankman Game i have been making. In the Next Month(hopefully) i am hoping to have a Demo ready for Playing.

My tankman game will be a 3rd Person team based Shooter, Each Team has 10 Soldiers, Good tank men and the Bad Tank men, Im not going to give away Much of the Exact Details but here is some Bullet Points on what to expect.

10 vs 10 Team based Battles
Multiple Weapons,Tanks and Items.
Special Perks to Assign to your character before battles
Multiple Game Modes
2 Player Split Screen
Random Hilarious Soldier Comments During battle.

This is what should be expected in the Full game.

I posted a Screen shot of the Work in Progress Demo, still alot to add and a screenshot never justifys actual game saying that in a few weeks i will post a Video of the game in action.
So keep checking back! Thanks

Tankmen Game Revealed


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2008-07-30 21:32:06

holy crap is it online?

(Updated ) Dbdowen responds:

I havnt made plans to make it online yet, as im making it on my own it would take a hell of alot more time. (But definetly possible)


2008-07-30 21:32:11

wow, if this is for real it's looking mighty good. only suggestions i have are to make the background/sky more yellow, and to spice up the scenery a little bit. add some busted buildings, etc-- a flat plain is no fun. good luck with the game :D

Dbdowen responds:

Ha ha thanks dont worry I will be adding alot more, tho i was planning on making this level a deserted stage! but there will be different maps to fight in.


2008-07-31 18:26:25

This looks great. I am looking forward to this.

It really should have a multiplayer option.


2008-08-03 07:40:00

Can we have a Human Vs CPU preview of the game?
You seem to have it operational.


2008-08-24 15:13:20

Can we expect a demo by the end of the year?


2009-10-27 10:55:01

you're late buddy


2010-03-27 21:16:55

Whoa, looks awesome! This game is gonna be teh best 3d shooter on newgrounds! (At least, thats what it looks likes gonna be)