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Tankmen Game Revealed

2008-07-30 21:30:15 by Dbdowen

Okay so i have finally decided to Spill the beans with the Tankman Game i have been making. In the Next Month(hopefully) i am hoping to have a Demo ready for Playing.

My tankman game will be a 3rd Person team based Shooter, Each Team has 10 Soldiers, Good tank men and the Bad Tank men, Im not going to give away Much of the Exact Details but here is some Bullet Points on what to expect.

10 vs 10 Team based Battles
Multiple Weapons,Tanks and Items.
Special Perks to Assign to your character before battles
Multiple Game Modes
2 Player Split Screen
Random Hilarious Soldier Comments During battle.

This is what should be expected in the Full game.

I posted a Screen shot of the Work in Progress Demo, still alot to add and a screenshot never justifys actual game saying that in a few weeks i will post a Video of the game in action.
So keep checking back! Thanks

Tankmen Game Revealed

There is nothing worse than submitting a movie with animation that was worked very hard on and with voice samples and sound effects completely Original and then you find some Shitty stick movie on the same top 50 submissions which has a blue Excellent score and all it is ,is a circle and 5 fucking sticks! What the hell is up with newgrounds and stick animations? what the hell is so good about it? you get viewers going.."Aw man top marks for animation! all my RAWRR fucking 5 points" Animation!? i could film myself throwing a Twig around call it a Stick animation and they would all Love it. If this is the case its soo easy to get high score and front page material on newgrounds...just make a stick movie, how about..Final fantasy 7 stick or Superman Stick , shit i bet you guys are all getting excited thinking about it right now!!!

Tankmen Game

2008-06-29 20:30:53 by Dbdowen

Keeping as much information secret as possible, im making a Tankmen Game, I will be Posting a Teaser Trailer for the game and information soon. Added a Screenshot of the Captain Model.

Tankmen Game

2 Upcoming Roshi Movies!!

2008-06-15 20:29:25 by Dbdowen

Not only have i teamed up with another newgrounds member to make the new Roshi movie 'The Cave', I have re-started work on a movie i started a while ago called 'Dbz Sacked'. Both movies are guarenteed to have you crying with laughter, especially if you are a fan of my old work! Check it out if you have not yet!.

The public gets what it wants!

2008-06-01 09:48:07 by Dbdowen

I have teamed up with an amazing artist known as vlaktemaat !! We are working on a brand new roshi movie! alot of people complained about my art being to wooden and sketchy..heck sometimes i couldnt of been arsed to color them.. but now i have some one helping me with that problem! Hopefully creating the best Roshi movie to date!!.

check out his stuff at

The Title of the new roshi movie is called ' The Cave '

New Old Movie lol

2008-05-22 07:56:14 by Dbdowen

I was rustling through my Harddrive when i spotted an unfinished old master roshi movie, I rewatched it and it actualy made me laugh probably because i havnt seen it in so long, so i decided to post it on for everyone to watch, i named it Roshi's Bad day. Hope you all like it.

First news post!!

2008-05-21 19:45:07 by Dbdowen

Only found out about this part of newgrounds haha, well if i have any news to post its..
I think i have a master roshi fan club in the making!! well for all my fans i will be posting the INTRO for all my master roshi movies , it also has a title song made by me and sung by me lol. Fun!